Nintendo R4 3DS Cards

  • More Games

If nothing else, the R4 3DS will provide more opportunities for games. From games found in the Internet, to your favorite classic ROMS, the R4 3DS will help make your ideal gaming experience possible.

  • Video

Sometimes on very long trips, the best way to relax is to escape it all through a movie. The R4 3DS can help make that a possibility by storing a movie that you can watch through the DS. While everyone else is bored, you can be relaxing in style and enjoying the journey.

  • Music

A R4 3DS can the perfect way for you to store music on your 3DS. Using the card as a storage device, you can have entire CD’s worth of your favorite music on your favorite portable gaming device. Why settle for anything less?

  • Photo Galleries

Though the DS does have software for photographing, it is relatively primitive and doesn’t offer much in the way of versatility. Why settle with this? Instead, take matters into your own hands and use a R4 3DS card to support a wide range of photos.

  • The Unexpected E-Reader

Lots of crazy things have been done with R4 3DS cards. One such thing that is becoming increasingly popular is people using their R4 3DS to install software that makes it possible to read e-books on their DS. So why not turn your own DS into a private library? With such a wide range of interesting e-books out there, you won’t get bored any time soon.

  • A Wide Range of Cheats

Like other cards, the R4 3DS offers a wide range of cheats and cheating options. These include being able to save whenever you like, along with specific cheats unique to each game. Many people prefer the R4 3DS because it allows them to have the most control over their gaming experience.

  • Much, Much More

What you can do with an R4 3DS card does end here. Rather, it ends with your creativity and the time necessary to get it working on your DS. If you have an interest, then use the R4 3DS to make it a reality. Until then, good luck and remember that the R4 3DS can help make your creativity a reality.